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What to expect from Website Design in 2014

by / Tuesday, 21 January 2014 / Published in news, Wordpress

Website Design whether you are in India or USA, is set for another bumper year in 2014. Businesses everywhere are now competing online for both consumers’ attention and eventually their interaction (Whether that is a phone call, email or a product purchase). So what will 2014 have in store for Web Design? Here are some predictions:
Flat Website Design
Where Apple goes the world often follows. While not the originators of Flat Design by any means; their shift to a Flat Design Approach with IOS7 signals there is significant enough reason to consider it a trend worth noting. All over the web: Shadows, 3d Text and other such effects are being stripped back leaving a cleaner, flatter looking face of Website Design. Subtle differences in font, spacing and coloring make all the difference on a website with a flat user interface. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the designers of today experimenting with this Flat approach.
Mobile Design
2014 has to be the year that everybody starts taking the mobile side of their web development seriously. There has been multiple studies emerge showing strong growth rates among Smartphone and Tablet PC web browsing. As the devices become better for web browsing, web designers must follow suit and shape their sites to be equally as impressive on this medium.

Increase in Video Use
Internet speeds are increasing globally. This opens the door for mediums that were previously too data heavy to be considered viable options for website design without compromising the sites loading speed. Increasing internet speeds coupled with the lowering of the price to produce a quality video are two very strong reasons you can expect to see more Video on websites this year.
Scrolling Sites
Rather than having a user go from page to page across a website, a large number of the top sites being produced today are opting for a vertical page organisation. Social Media’s influence is apparent in the shaping of this trend. As Social Media use grows so does the argument for sites to adopt the scrolling style of website design.

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