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Use of Blur Backgrounds in Website Design: Beautiful Examples | Webtekkie - Web desgining company

Use of Blur Backgrounds in Website Design: Beautiful Examples

by / Monday, 06 May 2013 / Published in Uncategorized

Together with wide screen photo backgrounds which are frequently used tools for website decorations, blur backgrounds have thoroughly settled and found their niche in modern website design. Although, at first glance, it is rather difficult to understand what could be so amazing and attractive in blur technique that instantly kills all the detail of spectacular shot or image. But as a matter of fact, it has a whole bunch of advantages that, on the contrary, helps to stress aesthetic side, and make your design sophisticated and elegant.
In addition, such backgrounds are able to add readability to your titles and taglines, focus attention on specified elements, easily make foreground elements stand out, and finally contrast and highlight color schemes. Moreover such technique involves different interpretations; so you can freely experiment with various blur filters, making your site appearance smooth and stylish or vice versa noised and resonant. Also, you have an opportunity to localize the effect, partly revealing all the beauty of clarity and quality of a photo.

All in all, it is a good approach of dealing with busy, but really spectacular photos that you have a hankering for incorporating into design; after properly and accurately applying blur effect you will get an image that, at the same time, retains all colors and looks polished and slightly graceful.

So, if you want to have a closer look at clever vague effect realization you should definitely turn your attention to our collection that includes remarkable examples of websites with blurred backgrounds.

Examples of Blur Backgrounds in Web Design

DEGO Interactive looks less formal due to bright illuminating background which is partially filled with bokeh effect.

Radiuus is a smooth one-page website with elegantly incorporated components in violet color.

Maxim Siebert
uses slightly blurred nature-inspired photo background with pixellated touch in service section, making white and yellow text perfectly stand out.

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