How to sell more online – Improving your websites conversion

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The internet has grown over the years and it has subsequently changed the way we do business. This growth is a positive in that it gives businesses the opportunity to reach a broader customer base 24/7 irrespective of their geo-location. As well as can be expected, there are billions of websites on the internet for businesses trying to take advantage of this market and improve their bottom-line. However with this cluster, it is now necessary to have a well crafted web strategy to ensure that your website gets noticed and converts the website visitors to clients who actually make a purchase or take the required actions.

Tips on how to sell more online

  • Clear Call To Actions

The first step is to implement clear call to actions. Clear call to actions guide web visitors and directs them to perform the next steps expected of them.

  • The Power Of Three

As human beings we all enjoy the freedom of choice. Giving your website visitors several options to choose from will greatly improve your websites conversion.

  • The Action Must Be Painless

It has been known throughout history that the power of three choices prevail. The brain finds it relatively easy to grasp threes and this extends to colours, elements, options, products etc.

  • Ratings and Client Reviews

The desired call to action must be presented in painless manner. By this I mean that phrases like FREE TRIAL and REGISTRATION ONLY TAKES 30 SECONDS!

  • Showing clients you have worked with for credibility

Ratings and clients reviews are necessary in your endeavour to sell more online or improve your websites conversion.

  • Social Proof

This can be achieved through social media integration or live feeds that shows the number of customers who have bought or just purchased your products or services.

  • Security

With the increased online frauds, customers want to be assured that they are safe online. Proving security and showing them that they are secure can greatly improve your websites conversion hence sell more online.
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