Design trends that rule 2015

by / Thursday, 04 December 2014 / Published in news

The first trend for 2015 is single page design. This trend has grown enormously as it fills the gaps of inconsistency between responsive design and fixed width through eliminating the need to navigate between pages. Problems may arise though if you are trying to drive high SEO results.

The quest is now over for the ultimate user experience as responsive website design has hit the market, booming with seamless, effortless and natural user experience guidance. This is a must have which works consistently on all devices, not just your computer desktop.
Then comes flat web design which draws attention to content, calls to action and messaging. It brings clarity to messages with cleaner web design on a flat interface that enhances user experience and allows quick loading times. Saying more with less is the beauty of flat web design.
Parallax scrolling brings life to your website. Independent layers provide depth and animation which engages visitors, creating an immersive experience. Although this may not be best with responsive websites or SEO-focused sites, it gives a unique visual representation to the site.
Last but not least, typography allows you to make an intensified impact through employment of readable, attention-grabbing fonts that are easy on the eye. It’s also important to refine visibility for users on smartphones and other devices.
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