CMS – Content Management Systems. Most developers in their early stages of their careers who are more into writing their own code usually hate CMS. As a new developer, I am writing to contradict this perspective. Before getting into the part why developers hate CMS let me speak a bit about why CMS are preferred

Together with wide screen photo backgrounds which are frequently used tools for website decorations, blur backgrounds have thoroughly settled and found their niche in modern website design. Although, at first glance, it is rather difficult to understand what could be so amazing and attractive in blur technique that instantly kills all the detail of spectacular

In this post I am writing about the top 20 SEO tips and tricks which will help you to make your website better for search engines.

Tips to Increase Web traffic

Friday, 21 December 2012 by

If you are trying to fine tune your site for SEO, it is crucial for you to be aware of key words that would do the trick. do keep in mind that obvious key words that are searched hundreds of thousands of times in a day would naturally have the big companies gunning for them.