10 Design Flaws Which Can Destroy a Site’s SEO

by / Wednesday, 16 April 2014 / Published in SEO

When it comes to creating a new website, a key dilemma is whether the focus should be on fantastic Design and User Experience (UX), or on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are many cases where mind-blowing animated design negatively affects the site’s SEO.
What are these errors? Here are the most common mistakes web designers make when not taking SEO into account:
Mistake #1 – Images Instead of Important Elements
Using images as a primary form of navigation will result in search engines treating them without their functional meaning. On the other hand, pure textual navigation is not a good option either.
Mistake #2– Lack of Breadcrumbs
A perfectly engineered breadcrumb trail will significantly increase a site’s SEO performance. Text links are easily read by search engines and provide a transparent hierarchical navigation structure. Unfortunately, designers often forget about breadcrumbs, despite the fact that they would noticeably increase the user friendliness of the site.

Mistake #3 – A Mobile Version of the Site
As mobile devices have gained more and more popularity in recent years, it’s important to take care of the mobile version of your site.
Mistake #4 – Frames
It’s hard to believe there are still websites made with frames. Not only did they become obsolete years ago, but they also won’t act in your favor in website SEO-wise. Frame make it difficult for search engines to read your site with valuable content hidden.
Mistake #5 – Improper 404 Page
Creating custom 404 pages is always a possibility to add extraordinary humorous ideas for web designers. But in search of some light relief, they often forget to include the necessary elements.
Mistake #6 – Too Much Flash
Visually attractive Flash is still badly indexed by search engines. Surely, your website can contain Flash, but it is recommended not to use it for important content and navigation – and definitely don’t make the entire site Flash
Mistake #7 – Improper Video Embedding
Whilst video content is a great way to engage your audience, it doesn’t always help your SEO. Specifically, custom Java media players are not readable by search engines.
Mistake #8 – Pop-Ups
To begin with, pop-ups are a big no no for designers to use. They are equally badly treated by visitors and search engines. They are annoying and usually closed by most users the moment they appear.
Mistake #9 – Geo-Redirection
Multi-language sites often use automatic geo-redirection which reads a users’ location and the language of their computer to redirect towards the website with the appropriate locale.
Mistake #10 – Neglecting Heading Tags
Heading tags are used not only for visual emphasis of content, but have a considerable impact on SEO as well. Saying that search engines like H1 tags means that Google gives them a higher importance

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